Welcome to the website of 'Catalysis for Energy Conversion (CatEC)'!
‘CatEC’ is a research group of heterogeneous (photo)catalysis at KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC).

Our research focuses on development of efficient catalysts for new energy conversion system for sustainable development. We not only develop novel catalysts but also understand kinetics and reaction mechanisms by examining rates of the reactions experimentally.

Takanabe's lab keeps looking for excellent PhD and Postdoc candidates for breakthrough researches.
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Our group emphasizes team-research, requiring you as a team player. Excellent communication skills in English are mandatory. Successful candidates will work with state-of-the-art instrumentation in a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary environment. Group members will have excellent opportunities for mastering new experimental techniques and for authoring high profile research publications. KAUST offers a highly competitive compensation and benefits package for all the accepted students.

Main research topics are as follows:
  • Photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry for solar energy conversion
  • Electrocatalysis for fuel cell and CO2 reduction
  • Natural gas conversion and hydrocarbon reforming to syngas
  • Catalysis and system development for hydrogen energy carrier
The materials of interest include various metals/oxides to nitrides/carbides/sulfides. We are challenging to find solutions to the problems of global warming and future energy supply.


Principal investigator of the group is Kazuhiro Takanabe, who is responsible for the following projects:

  • The PI of the KCC Photocatalytic water splitting Project
  • The PI of the KCC Oxidation / Reforming Project
  • The PI of the ARAMCO Collaborative Project (Reforming)
  • The PI of the SABIC Collaborative Project (Hydrogen)
  • The PI of the TOTAL Collaborative Project (CO2)
  • The Co-I of the SABIC Collaborative Project (natural gas conversion)
Past projects
  • The PI of the KAUST/UC Berkeley Joint Collaborative AEA3 Project
  • The PI of the KAUST/Imperial College London Joint Collaborative AEA3 Project
  • The PI of the ARAMCO Collaborative Project (new energy: hydrogen)
  • The Co-I of the ARAMCO Collaborative Project (Bio-CCC)
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