Advanced Physical Chemstry I: Thermodynamics and Kinetics (ChemS 360)

Review fundamental concepts and laws of thermodynamics and kinetics. Learn and describe concepts of chemical potential, internal energy and chemical equilibrium of the system. Essence of kinetics to describe changes of chemical system with time, i.e., rates of chemical reactions, dealing with molecules in motion, collisions and diffusion of gases, and how to establish rate expression.


Photo and Electro Catalysis (ChemS 218)

Advanced class that deals with the essence of heterogeneous catalysis, including electrocatalysis and photocatalysis. The lectures address principle of catalysis to discuss terminology, definition and efficiency. Discussion continues on concept of potential, the solid state physics, preparation and characterization of various classes of solid materials, kinetics, reaction mechanism, and various applications. 


Enrolled students can access course material through KAUST's Blackboard via http://portal.kaust.edu.sa